for the Elite: Luxury, Modernity, anD Minimalism in Perfect Harmony.




Artistic direction, front-end dev, designer and business consultant. Ideation, brainstorming, conception. More than 8 years of knowledge. Consulting Nocode tools. Let’s work together on your dream project. 

650€ /DAY

What we do ?
Figma design
Notion Builder
Webflow designer
Nocode consultant



Elevate your brand to new heights of luxury and success with our long-term, exclusive partnerships and personalized solutions. Trust us to bring your vision to life. We keep the work we do for you 100% private if requested.

1650€ /WEEK

What's included:
1-2 Figma to webflow
Slack access with all studio ressources
Branding + Design : Minimalism quality
3 Main Feedbacks / weeks
1 Full Website Minimalism Design / weeks
2 NoCode workflow + API / weeks
1 Notion On-Demand / weeks
Prompter : Open AI Chat GPT


STRATEGY + DESIGN + ALL DEV (5 seats max)

Unlock endless possibilities for your agency with fast, proper support for business strategy, Webflow design, and NoCode development through our minimalism design-focused subscription service.

2500€ /WEEK

What's included:
Slack access with all studio ressources
Get access to all unlimited shares.
Unlimited Branding + Design
Unlimited Vision & Strategy consulting
Unlimited Web development
Unlimited NoCode workflow + API
Unlimited Notion On-Demand
Unlimited Team productivity workflow
Unlimited Media (Premium stock)
Chat GPTAI integration
2 Ghost Clients (extra client +25%)



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We transcend brand boundaries by propelling them towards excellence through transgressive strategies and elegant, ultra-designed and streamlined no-code solutions.